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Remote Control & Key Repairs
We Repair Keys and Remotes for ALL Vehicles.

With the cost of Dealer supplied Replacement keys often running into hundreds of Euro, it can make sense to repair your existing keys when they give trouble.

If you're central locking has stopped working, or your key no longer starts your car, KEYPRO can repair or replace the faulty components, leaving you with a fully functioning key.

We repair all Renault Key Cards, including Megane 3 & 4 Button, and Laguna 2 & 3 Button.

If your Renault car reads "card not detected" on the dash, drop your card into our shop or post it to us. We offer next day service.

Remote & Key Refurbishments
We can also refurb your old remote to look like new!
If your key is physically damaged, worn out, or broken we can transfer the remote and transponder components into a brand new casing.
This service will cost considerably less than a brand new replacement unit.